Good menus for gaining weight


When one is very thin or skinny, take a few kilos helps them feel more fit and better in his head. But to keep some curves, you must permanently change its eating habits. Our advice to achieve this.
Are you underweight?

On the medical side, the leanness is defined by a body mass index below 18.5. For example, if you measure 1.70 m, it is thin when the weight is less than 53.5 kilos. Thinness can sometimes complex, but it also undermines health. For example, it further exposes women to osteoporosis.

Menus weight gain remains to be seen why it is lean. When was always very thin and there is some very thin people in the family, physicians speak of "Constitutional thinness". People in this case usually complain more about their body image than their health. But if one has lost weight as a result of a depression or disease, to be below his ideal weight contributes to a chronic fatigue condition.

To (re) gain weight, increase your energy intake is essential. And if you're not part of the "constitutional lean", the cause of your weight loss should be sought with a doctor, and treat it.
The to gain weight
Do not skip meals

Not surprising to have green beans zaps online if half the meal!

Not hungry out of bed? Provide easy-to-eat foods in transport or in the office during the morning biscuits for breakfast, cereal bars, yogurt drinks and cheese in individual portions, fruit chewable (apple, banana, dried fruit), smoothies ...

No time for breakfast? Do you buy at least one sandwich and complete with shelf office supplies: canned cream desserts, milk briquettes, compotes in gourdes ... Another option, meal replacements ready to eat in bottles or bars.

Not want to cook for dinner? Bet Express commercial products: vegetables in bags, pre-cooked steamed vegetables, pulses and canned fish, various ham slices vacuum ...
Take snacks

Indispensable for small appetites are quickly sated during the three regular meals.

Depending on your schedule, plan a snack in the morning and / or afternoon and / or evening.

Sweet or savory, the important thing is to have fun: small sandwich with cheese, ham, fish rillettes, guacamole, boiled egg, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding, fresh fruit, dried fruit, bread and chocolate, biscuits ...

For undernourished people whose appetite fails, the doctor may prescribe "oral nutritional supplements", complete balanced meal (protein, essential fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals) that arise for most briquettes to drink Renutryl ® , Fortimel ®, Clinutren ®, Resource ® ... These products sold in pharmacies may be reimbursed by Health Insurance.
Keep the focus on the balance

Do not force sweets or chips, the risk of gaining fat around the belly and not recover muscle mass. Do not swallow excessive servings of vegetables just because they provide vitamins: you will not have appetite for more energy foods like starches.

When we take the weight, it is important for the health of holding pins of the National Health and Nutrition Programme (PNNS) every day:

3 to 4 dairy products;
1-2 meat or fish or eggs shares (preferably two shares whether to resume muscles);
Bread and / or starchy foods at each meal;
At least 5 fruits or vegetables;
At least 2 tablespoons oil provide essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6;
At least 1.5 liter of beverage.

If for various reasons, medical or other, you do not consume any of the food groups listed, talk to your doctor or dietitian, who will explain how to compensate and, if appropriate, may recommend a dietary supplement .

Small tasty and beautifully presented dishes, nothing better to whet the appetite!

Do not always eat the same thing. To facilitate the diversity, you can plan your weekly menus in advance. Of course, do not fail to be inspired by our recipes as well as magazines, learn to use spices, always have something brighten the plates, parsley, dried tomatoes, almonds or pistachios grilling, sesame seeds ... If you miss bases, feel free to follow some cooking classes.
Practice a sport

While sport is burning calories, we could say it will curb the weight gain. But it is essential to recover after wasting his muscles. Indeed, excessive muscle wasting results in loss of strength and mobility, as well as a weakening of immune defenses. Get to the point with your doctor about the activities compatible with your health, and feel free to practice test course before you decide: to persevere, it is necessary that you like it!

The nail problems causes and remedies


Along with hair and hair, the nails are part of the so-called skin appendages. In particular, their function is defense from bumps and knocks of the ends of the upper and lower limbs.

Since ancient times to this primary function it has also added an aesthetic function. Manicured nails and enamel are for many women one of the most significant elements that enhance the beauty and sensuality of women. Even for the man nails are an element that is now increasingly taken into account and then cured. A manicured hand with healthy nails, male or female, is always a good business card when being introduced to someone else!

Nails, to protect fingers, must be resistant and therefore consist of several layers of keratin, the same protein that makes up hair and dander.

In order to build strong and healthy nails the body must be able to have all the nutrients needed. Otherwise brittle nails grow or grow little or defects. A lack of protein for example is responsible for unsightly white bands or the fragility of the nail. It is also useful a proper intake of zinc that contributes to the maintenance of normal nails.

The benefits of fasting

Mengistirahatkan Sistem Pencernaan

For a long time, fasting is used for its dietary and healing properties. A diet for several days would indeed regenerate the body, purify the skin or to improve their welfare. Provided you follow a few rules. Reviewing the benefits of culinary asceticism and advice of Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo, fasting specialist and author of The Art of fasting.
Right now

ekos castanha
Win your care ritual Brazilian Natura Brasil

"You have to be measured at all, breathe pure air, to do every day (...) to exercise and take care of his little aches fasting rather than resorting to drugs," reportedly said Hippocrates (460 -375 BC.). Nearly 2500 years later, and while some doctors deny him any assistance, therapeutic fasting continues to seduce. Since the nineteenth century, it is the subject of many experiments aimed at proving its preventive and therapeutic effects. Since 1980, in Russia, it is part of a public health policy. Some clinics even offer therapeutic fasting stays. This is the case of the Buchinger clinic in Überlingen, in south-west Germany.

But Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo (1), clinical director warns. Fasting is not an express diet and can not be reduced to stop feeding for several days: "One does not decide to fast overnight. The approach must be reflected especially accompanied medically. Fasting should be planned, practiced free of stress, punctuated by pauses, physical activities, readings. "

Practiced seriously, fasting provides the benefits that the organization feels quickly. Overview.
A facelift

Stress, fatigue, unbalanced diet: the excesses are reflected on the skin for pimples, dark circles, a dull complexion, excess sebum ... Fasting, "The intestinal flora is at rest, it is no longer contact with toxic food and rebalances. Sebum production is reduced, the impurities disappear, the skin regenerates and becomes smoother, "says Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo. The doctor, however, warns: "If fasting is too long, it can dig wrinkles. "The regeneration of the body also benefits hair, who find themselves strengthened and easier to style. As for the teeth, they gain in whiteness.

"The production of sebum is reduced, the impurities disappear, the skin regenerates and becomes smoother," says Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo.
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The digestive system to rest

Often abused by an unbalanced or too rich diet, digestive system takes a few holidays through fasting: "The liver and intestinal walls regenerate, pancreas and stomach are put to rest and the intestinal flora rebalances "says professional. Promoting the elimination of all toxins from the body, fasting becomes a real detox.

If it should not be considered a diet, fasting nevertheless necessarily leads to weight loss. "When we consume more calories than what your body needs, the excess is stored as fat. During fasting, the body draws directly on these reserves and burns calories, "says Dr. Wilhelmi de Toledo.
Fight against cardiovascular disease

This is a direct result of the weight loss. "The excesses increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. When we fast, our insulin levels and reduce our sugar, stored fat are mobilized and excess reserves drained. "Not to mention a healthy lifestyle every day contributes to good cardiovascular health.
Serenity and calm

This is somewhat surprising. Especially since we would have a tendency to be aggressive when hunger gnaws us! But after two or three days of fasting, the hunger disappears. "We are no longer in the classic cycle" I'm hungry, I eat, I am satisfied. " We enter a state of contentment and we feel the serenity, "says Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo. The expert recalled that the housecleaning of mind can take place only if they follow certain rules: "A fasting requires Availability punctuate the days by reading, marches or meditation. "
Doctor's advice Wilhelmi de Toledo

Meditation and physical activity - such as walking or yoga - should punctuate the days of fasting.
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Mark up the fasting period and prepare yourself mentally
It is useless to decree a week fasting overnight. Tell yourself "I have a week" and try to use a location away from the stresses and external attacks to track your fasting. It is not recommended to work together.

Be accompanied
It is best to fast in a clinic to receive medical supervision. If you fast one, tell your doctor, physician awareness of the practice or follow a manual.

Plan fasting and gradually evolve
Start by cleaning the digestive system by an enema or purge. Throughout the day, drink between 1.5 to 2 liters of water. Drink different drinks during the day: fourth from noon to fruit juice, vegetable broth quarter dinner. After lunch, take a break. Then spend your afternoon with a physical activity. A hike of half past one example, walking or cycling. Always act according to your shape. Activities should be enjoyable. You can also meditate or read.

Master food recovery
It should always be progressive. If fasting lasts a week or more, the recovery should last for four or five days. The stomach is smaller, the desire to eat will be greater than our digestive capabilities. If you eat too much, the recovery will be sharp and cause vomiting. The most important is to eat slowly and chew well each food.

(1) Author of The Art of fasting. Manual therapeutic fasting Buchinger, with the participation of the Chief Hubert Hohler, Ed. Youth, 160 pp., € 24.50.
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The Types of Vegetation You Should Know


1. style of Relationship Climate and Landscape
Climate is a very important think about life. Climate affects the state of flora and fauna and landscapes on earth. The landscape is that the one seen in nature. The part, like the surface of the soil and vegetation.
a. relevance the surface of the soil, hot climate with high downfall and temperature accelerate the method of weathering and erosion.
b. relevance vegetation, many sorts of vegetation, like within the space of tundra, wet forests, grasslands, and deciduous forests, grow in areas with similar atmospheric condition.

2. sorts of Natural Vegetation in line with the Climate
Indonesia's natural wealth of flora save tremendous. a minimum of in Dutch East Indies there ar over four,000 species of trees, ferns 1,500, and 5,000 species of orchids. supported the extent of downfall in every space, the flora in Dutch East Indies is split into a tropical rain forest, monsoon forest, savannah and field.
a. Tropical rain forest, consisting of big inexperienced foliaceous plants, shady, and extremely dense to daylight cannot penetrate to all-time low.
b. Monsoon forest, additionally referred to as deciduous forests. The trees during this forest deciduous leaves within the season and grow once more within the season.
c. Sabana, settled in aras of high air temperature with very little downfall and grasslands are interspersed with shrubs.
d. Steppes, ar in areas of high air temperature with little downfall.

3. impact of Altitude Regions
Somewhere altitude will have an effect on air temperature distinction. the upper a neighborhood of the surface of the ocean, the air temperature is cooler. we all know Dutch East Indies tropical climate. though tropical flora wasn't solely tropical space which may be full-grown, however the flora from alternative regions may grow well in Dutch East Indies. In distinction to the subtropic climate countries like Western Europe, there ar solely plants subtropic regions, cold, and extremely cold. As tropical plants not in hand by subtropic countries.

4. impact of Landscape of Land and Land Circumstances
The influence of the landscape and tract of the sort of vegetation, among others:
a. on the fertile volcanic soils ar heterogeneous forests,
b. arid areas, forests grow grass and reeds,
c. The coast is wet, angiospermous tree forests grow.

5. Distribution of Vegetation sorts
In 1889, a natural biological investigator, C. Hart Meeriem projected a model supported the distribution of plant height variation on Mount port of entry from the foothills to the height. The model is per the pattern of unfold of plants from tropical equatorial line to the north or south. thence the natural process in line with altitude and latitude south and north, then Meeriem all over that the sort of vegetation in a neighborhood suffering from temperature. Plant communities within the world will be divided into six teams, particularly piece of land, desert, tundra, wet forests, deciduous forests, and taiga.

5 Ways to Redden Lips aturally

Cara memerahkan bibir dengan membersihkan bibir setiap malam - AyoKesehatan

If you are one of those people who have the problem of black lips, then do not wait anymore to provide immediate care and treatment. But it is to use the natural way ie with a safe and affordable way. After learning point - a point which can cause black lips. Then the next you have to read some of the ways that black redden lips without chemicals, which we have reports from various sources.

1 Lime
In general, it is known that the lime is very efficacious in whitening something. Neither usefulness in restoring black lips. You can mix the boiling water with lemon and honey and rub it on your lips. Your lips can be rinsed with warm water after smeared with the mixture. If you carry out its denganrutin it will be good in helping your snagat redden the lips that had a black back.

2 Honey
Besides citrus honey also has excellent function in redden your lips. Honey is very efficacious in maintaining the cells in the mouth, if applied before bed it will absorb and restore the youthfulness of your lips cells. Strive to use it every night in order to restore the beauty of your red lips.

3 Turmeric
Make a paste with a mixture of turmeric and also a spoonful of the milk. If the pasta has finished, you can apply the paste on your lips.

4 Air Mawar
Rose water is one of the best alternative in redden your lips. By because it is similar to turmeric paste you can apply rose water on your lips are black.

5 Coriander Leaves
Cilantro efficacious fade dark color on your lips. If the cilantro then you soften Mix with water and apply on the lips. Do not forget to rinse with warm water dna do regularly.



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