The Benefits of Vitamin C for Health

Kebutuhan Vitamin C

The benefits of vitamin C for skin aplenty, including:

Rejuvenates Skin

The skin will be felt more bright and clean with vitamin C because vitamin C is able to stimulate the formation of collagen. Collagen plays an active role kuliyt to regenerate after injury. Wrinkles and creases in your skin can be masked by vitamin C. Therefore, consume them regularly is the appropriate action.

Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin Rejuvenating

Free radical ward

Vitamin C is able to ward off the hot sun so your skin stays safe. In addition, free radicals can be resisted so that you are terkana pollution or smoke will still have a good skin if diligently consume vitamin C.

As water-retaining

For those who have dry skin, you should regularly consume vitamin C because vitamin C is able to hold water so that your skin remains moist and supple. To get the best results, we recommend the consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C than injecting vitamin C because it implies that by the water. If you inject vitamin C and do not know the proper dosage, a meal will cause your kidney problems. Penyintikan vitamin C overdose and not accompanied by the consumption of water will burden the kidneys.

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