The nail problems causes and remedies


Along with hair and hair, the nails are part of the so-called skin appendages. In particular, their function is defense from bumps and knocks of the ends of the upper and lower limbs.

Since ancient times to this primary function it has also added an aesthetic function. Manicured nails and enamel are for many women one of the most significant elements that enhance the beauty and sensuality of women. Even for the man nails are an element that is now increasingly taken into account and then cured. A manicured hand with healthy nails, male or female, is always a good business card when being introduced to someone else!

Nails, to protect fingers, must be resistant and therefore consist of several layers of keratin, the same protein that makes up hair and dander.

In order to build strong and healthy nails the body must be able to have all the nutrients needed. Otherwise brittle nails grow or grow little or defects. A lack of protein for example is responsible for unsightly white bands or the fragility of the nail. It is also useful a proper intake of zinc that contributes to the maintenance of normal nails.

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