7 Benefits of Cycling

Dapat Di Tempatkan Di Mana Saja

Cycling or riding popularly called, is included as one type of light exercise is implemented by all ages. Regarding health benefits, cycling is equally great of the sport walking, jogging and even aerobics. Traveling with a wooden bike will help you improve vitality, burn calories and relieve stress. You may never forget how to ride a bike, so try to sit disadel to get all the benefits.
1. Fast burning calories

Cycling can burn about 300 calories per hour at a moderate pace, 400 calories per hour if the speed of 10-11 mph, and mountain biking dimedan 700 calories weight for 1 hour. In fact, you can already burn fat as much as 5 kg for a year, using only half an hour a day of cycling at a moderate pace.
2. Burn fat and muscle reinforce

Each round pedal firmness liquefy fat and strengthen muscles in the pant * t, thighs, calves, soles of feet and bum. Bike ride over bumpy ground or uphill will train the upper body, because more of your body weight is supported by the arm and shoulder.
3. Improved mood (mood)

Anxiety, stress, and depression can all be overcome by cycling, which is partly due to the activity of cycling itself is also pleasure and satisfaction derived from a bike ride. Cycling is good for your mental health as well as other forms of exercise activities such as aerobics. This might be due to the release of endorphins (brain chemicals that induce feelings of pleasure).
4. It can prevent heart disease

A study conducted by the British Medical Association found that cycling as far as 20 miles in a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50 percent. And while it can also remove wrinkles cycling signs of aging. Other studies have shown that riding a bicycle is generally healthy, and even make someone look about 10 years younger.
5. Low-Impact injury

When you are on top of the bike, about 70 percent of your body weight is supported by the saddle and handlebars, which significantly reduces the effects on the knees and ankles. Thus cycling is more suitable for people who have weak joints, because the impact is lower than when they walk. It is also further reduce the risk of injury to the person obesity, than if they do other sports.
6. Good to improve stamina

Cycling is a low impact type of exercise. Thus cycling is the best way to increase stamina, as you can pedal much longer than doing aerobics or walking which makes you more tired. In addition, cycling will also strengthen the heart and lungs, which allows you to work more efficiently, so that you will find it easier to do so until the end.
7. Enhance immune

Several studies show that moderate levels of activity, such as cycling, can boost the immune system so as to make the body more resistant to disease, including coughs and colds. Better yet, if the days of your work place traversed by cycling instead of taking public transportation (of course, if conditions allow).

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