The Characteristics of Developing Countries

Konsep Cara Berbicara di Berbagai Negara

The term developing countries (developing countries) ar primarily arises as a consequence of the classification of states in line with the amount of welfare. Developing countries is additionally a term for the country whose economy remains underdeveloped. Another term that means an equivalent, may be a backward nation, under-developed country, collection countries, and also the countries of south-south.
According G.M. Meller and R.E. Baldwin generally, developing countries have characteristics as producers of primary merchandise, encompasses a major problem of population pressure, natural resources generally has not been processed, the population remains underdeveloped, lack of capital and headed to foreign trade.

Common characteristics of developing countries in line with Todaro United Nations agency is additionally a driving issue for economic development is that the low level of life, an occasional level of productivity, the quantity of residents United Nations agency ar several, high levels of state and state pseudo development, dependence on agricultural production and export of primary product and domination, dependency on negotiation.

In building, developing countries have 2 patterns. First, issues and priorities. issues encountered is an endeavor to enhance the standard of human resources and also the priorities of the way to cut back financial condition.

Second, rank economic development. the most target of development is to enhance individuals's welfare and restore the dignity of the people. In polishing off development generally step by step in accordance with the priorities of the middle of gravity of every stage within the effort to enhance the welfare of the community, to alter the economic structure of associate degree rural economy to associate degree economy and also the ability of the business in accordance with the conditions of every country.

In the development, the developing countries ar exposed to a range of inhibiting factors. Factors inhibiting economic development in developing countries is that the rigid customs which will not receive the renewal, the perspective of society is static and can not settle for new ways that, to social conflict, strike and scatterbrained perspective of the opposite, lack of education, skills and mastery of low technology, natural disasters, lack of capital moreover because the rules and laws that don't support the event.

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