Aquaculture Animals


Aquaculture animals have been known by our ancestors since time immemorial. They have kept the various types of animals such as cows, goats, sheep, chickens, and pigs. The animals are meat, milk, eggs, and feathers or skin. In general, the animals are bred to have high economic value to humans.
Currently, there are various kinds of livestock. Besides common animals used as food ingredients, many other animals are also raised, such as crickets, silkworms, as well as a variety of birds, fish and honey bees.
Have you ever imagined the existence of farm rats? Rat cultivated for research purposes in the laboratory. Power type commonly cultivated for this purpose are mice and rats.
The diversity of animal species cultivated current power is closely related to human needs are increasing. Subsistence can be done by cultivation of resources. Aquaculture animals should be done with caution because if not it will interfere with human life. For example, cultivation of chicken, if not careful it will cause environmental pollution.
In addition to the requirements of the economy, the current cultivation of animals carried out for the purposes of animal preservation. Various types of bird and mammal currently widely cultivated power in various places, such as rehabilitation centers, national parks, and a zoo. In China and other zoo in the world, cultivated panda power to maintain its sustainability. Cultivation of various species of birds and rare butterflies done in Singapore that maintained continuity continues from generation to generation.

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