5 Ways to Redden Lips aturally

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If you are one of those people who have the problem of black lips, then do not wait anymore to provide immediate care and treatment. But it is to use the natural way ie with a safe and affordable way. After learning point - a point which can cause black lips. Then the next you have to read some of the ways that black redden lips without chemicals, which we have reports from various sources.

1 Lime
In general, it is known that the lime is very efficacious in whitening something. Neither usefulness in restoring black lips. You can mix the boiling water with lemon and honey and rub it on your lips. Your lips can be rinsed with warm water after smeared with the mixture. If you carry out its denganrutin it will be good in helping your snagat redden the lips that had a black back.

2 Honey
Besides citrus honey also has excellent function in redden your lips. Honey is very efficacious in maintaining the cells in the mouth, if applied before bed it will absorb and restore the youthfulness of your lips cells. Strive to use it every night in order to restore the beauty of your red lips.

3 Turmeric
Make a paste with a mixture of turmeric and also a spoonful of the milk. If the pasta has finished, you can apply the paste on your lips.

4 Air Mawar
Rose water is one of the best alternative in redden your lips. By because it is similar to turmeric paste you can apply rose water on your lips are black.

5 Coriander Leaves
Cilantro efficacious fade dark color on your lips. If the cilantro then you soften Mix with water and apply on the lips. Do not forget to rinse with warm water dna do regularly.

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